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Kat's Vertical Rush 2014 - Up Tower 42 in London

Kat signed up to her very first big event.  Attempting to climb up the Tower 42 in London.  As we all know walking up stairs is 20x harder than walking on flat ground, so when she told me she wanted to train up for this event we both knew there was alot of work to be done.   A bone crunching 920 steps in total to be climbed - certainly not one for the faint hearted!

Kat-rush5After a month of training and helping Kat not with just her stamina, but also working on her balance, mobility and core strength to help her accomplish this tall task. Working with her twice a week and improving her nutrition we overcame numerous obstacles and some fall backs, but she pushed through and dug deep to make sure each of our sessions together would get her closer to finishing this climb.  The last time I saw Kat before the big climb, I gave her a huge hug and told her she can do it!  Even though she was ready, I could tell she was extremely nervous and anxious,  but I knew deep down that she had trained extremely hard and could complete this task.

On the big day I text Kat to wish her luck, not that she needed it and got a text back after she completed the climb and photo's sent to me.  How happy she was to complete this gigantic task, with a huge smile on her face!!!  It was fantastic to see her face light up as I knew how much of an accomplishment this was to her and also how much money she had raised for such a good cause.  What a great success story. Well done Kat!!

A message from Kat - "Hi all, as you may know, I've just taken part in the vertical rush, 'running' up tower 42 in London. I did it in 34.14 which is epically slow but I'm really proud of myself! Kit Wong - I really appreciate the squats and lunges now as my legs feel fine, it's just a new windpipe I need! :)"