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in Appleton Thorn

Are you looking for a home personal trainer in Appleton Thorn?

Get Fit With Kit specialise in coaching clients for fat loss and lifestyle changes

Get Fit With Kit will visit you at home, work or in the park! I can, and would love to help you! Here at Get Fit With Kit, our aim is to help get you FITTER, STRONGER and we want you to LOOK & FEEL amazing!

Do you have a busy lifestyle?
Are you a stay at home mum/dad who cannot get to the gym or classes? Here at Get Fit With Kit we can provide the training at your home, workplace or chosen location. Our Personal Training sessions are designed to fit around you, your schedules and your location. Don’t worry about equipment either, I will provide everything you need to have the best and most enjoyable workouts you’ve ever had. Whether your goal is FAT LOSS, getting a STRONGER CORE, or general well-being and health benefits, I am here to guide you through that process every step of the way.

Are you already a gym member, or doing classes but not seeing the results you want?
Perhaps you travel too regularly to get any momentum in your results? Here at GFWK not only do I do 1-2-1 training, I also do 1-2-1 coaching with clients achieving better results than ever! With my coaching, you’ll be improving your life, mindset and giving you that CAN-DO attitude to getting the results you want and to achieve your goals.

I will help you build your CONFIDENCE, and MOTIVATE you to get the results you have always wanted to achieve. Whether the goal is to change your lifestyle, learn to box, lose weight or to gain some muscle, with my skills and your desire to improve, we can work together to reach your goals quicker.

Here at GFWK we believe TRANSFORMATIONS start from the inside, so I will be here to support and guide you through your nutrition & diet, to give you maximum results allowing you to still enjoy your favourite foods, helping you decide what’s the best choices and meals, everything you need to help cutting down the lbs and helping with fat loss, as well as providing advice on how to feed your body correctly to be STRONG, FIT and able to PERFORM.

Clients come to me for many different reasons. Our fitness training & coaching can help those who are looking to tone up and maybe lose a dress size or two. Others may be looking for full body transformation or to run their first 10k mud run. Some are looking to improve their lifestyle, not wanting to be that “couch potato” anymore, or decided they are turning 40 next year and want to be in the best shape in their lives. Whatever your goal we will have a true tailored programme for you, giving you FANTASTIC RESULTS, ultimately improving your lifestyle for a happier and healthier one.

If you like the sound of the process, let's have a chat?  It's a no-obligation way to find out what GFWK can do for you.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain at this stage.  Press the button!

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