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Kit Wong, Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer who provides online and home personal training sessions
Kit Wong

About Me

Hello and welcome to my Get Fit With Kit page.  My name is Kit Wong and I am a Level 3 Certified Master Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Motivational Coach.  I specialise in Body & Lifestyle Transformations with stay at home clients (Mainly stay at home mums, couples and senior clients). I help change your mind-set and overall outcome to become fitter and healthier. Most importantly I help you achieve your well-being goals, be they weight loss and fat loss goals, toning your body and general overall fitness and confidence.

I started GFWK in 2013 and since then have helped 100’s of clients with my Transform12 Programme.  I help my clients change their lifestyles. I empower you to understand that YOU have the inner ability to change your body and your outcome, and I am here to help guide you and put you on the right path.  My methods are science based, no nonsense, and backed up with results, so no quick fads or quick fixes here sorry!  If you are after a “quick fix” or a “potion to drink” to get results, then I am NOT your coach.   If you are after long lasting results, proper nutrition and healthy eating choices and the ability to lose fat consistently WITHOUT cutting out all your favourite foods, WITHOUT being in the gym 6-7 times a week and WITHOUT losing out on your social weekends then my Transform12 Programme may be suitable for you, so continue and check out the rest of my page.  When you are ready, drop me an email or call me, and we can have a chat.

The GFWK Philosophy

Everyone can change, no matter how hard you think it may be.  So I believe 100% that all my clients have the ability to change their outcome.  You just have to dedicate yourself and commit to it.  Don’t worry if that sounds hard, it IS hard but that is why I am here, to help guide you through the correct process.  I will open your eyes and mind to the real way to become healthier, fitter and to obtain fat loss results.

I believe it is vital not only to help my clients in our one-to-one workouts and to push you hard during those sessions, but also to coach you outside of our sessions to sustain a healthier lifestyle.  Think of our training session being 1 hour of 168 available hours in a week.  Even if you train with me 2-3 times a week, that is only 3 hours of 168 hours in a week.  There is another 165 hours of you not being accountable for your actions.  The coaching I do is to keep you ON TRACK with weekly goals and tasks even when I am not there with you, to make sure you keep getting consistent results and give you the accountability to get the results you deserve.  

This method has helped many of my clients live an improved, happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.   This is my Transform12 method.


  • Nicola G.


    I started training with Kit at the beginning of December last year and since then (4 months ago) he's helped me to lose 22lbs, gain muscle and drop two dress sizes. In total I've lost 29.7cms/11.7in from my waist, arms and thighs.

    Before I started this, I ate whatever I wanted and rarely exercised (hated it when I did🤦🏻‍♀️) but now I am running 5k, lifting heavy weights and working out most days! I swear he is a wizard.. I don’t know how he has tricked me into it. Kit has worked on form and technique with me in 1:1 PT sessions to make sure that I am performing each move safely and properly to get maximum impact. He has also shown me around 20 different workouts that I can choose from to keep them from getting stale and boring 👌🏼

    Our weekly coach calls have helped to keep me motivated and setting small new goals each week makes losing the weight easy and way more achievable. It wasn’t until about 6 weeks in that I looked back and realised how much my lifestyle had changed without me really even noticing!

    I 100% recommend getting ‘Fit with Kit’ and I will be carrying on with this programme until I reach my goal weight (only 12 lbs off now 💪🏼) Thanks Kit!


  • Jo O.


    My client Jo from 14st 11lbs to 12st 6.5lbs.  With a lot more definition in her muscles and now enjoying her new lifestyle. No fads & no shortcuts. With my methods and coaching you'll be getting the results from day 1 and consistently keep getting results! 

  • Hayleigh R.


    12 Weeks ago I made an impulsive decision to get a personal trainer.  Impulsive decisions have always landed me in the sh*t but this one has legitimately changed my life.

    It's crazy the limits I have pushed myself too in the past 12 weeks (Down 27lbs) in fact Kit is that good I've decided to do another 12 weeks and we've just set long term and short term goals, can't wait to work even harder and achieve some more results.  

    Anyone looking for change their lifestyle completely for the better and feel you need guidance, Kit is your man no questions asked 100%.

  • Suzanne R.

    Kit is a wonderful trainer, very knowledgeable, passionate about getting the best from you and unfortunately for me has heard all the excuses lol and keeps you on track.

    He makes sure all of the sessions are varied and interesting but still challenging. In just 12 weeks, I have had comments about my weight loss and how much younger I look. i still have a way to go but think I'll get there with Kit's help. 

    I rarely write reviews but would really recommend Kit if you're looking for support to get fitter and healthier.

  • Janet E.

    I'd been considering a personal trainer for some time and, after contacting Kit, I wish I'd acted sooner. He explained everything I needed to know on our first call, was non-judgemental and even though I was quite unfit to begin with, he worked out a programme that soon started to show results.

    Kit is very easy to talk to, makes sessions challenging and fun at the same time - and leaves you with a sense of achievement after every session. The workouts have pushed me further than I would ever have gone on my own, helping me to lose weight and do exercises which, at 57 years old, I never thought I'd be capable of when I first started training with Kit. 

    With Kit's encouragement, knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and an exercise programme tailored to your needs you will surprise yourself with how much you can achieve!
  • Annette H.

    Fabulous Trainer.  Really enjoyed my sessions with Kit, he is very patient and understanding.  He really helps me to understand my nutrition plans. Our work out sessions are really good and time fly's.
    He is really understanding and very enthusiastic for you to gain you owns goals Overall I have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks and to my surprise it's pure fat loss. I would definitely recommend training At Get Fit With Kit!!
  • Brian D.

    "Could not recommend GFWK enough! Had me shift 2 stone and looking like James Bond in time for my wedding day!   My wife and I are keeping the sessions up. We laugh throughout the workouts.  Kit is a lot of fun. Really motivating. And knows his stuff. Thanks Kit!"

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